Monday, 16 June 2014


Sometimes I wonder whether people choose to behave like fucking batshit because they don't have the intellectual ability to not behave like fucked up offenders or because they choose want to piss people off. It's so bloody hard to cope with such people, especially if the people in question think they are the fucking bomb. No. No no no no no no no you will never measure up -- not even a fucking grain -- to being a good-hearted, humorous person. People who are the bomb do not fucking talk about sensitive issues -- especially to a person suffering from these issues -- jokingly, like you fucking know what the hell is up.


These people are idiots, the inkling residue of shit left on the asshole of a fucking animal. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Pretty Man 예쁜남자 Drama Review

Pretty Man 예쁜남자 finished its 16 episode run on KBS2 yesterday night, and I need someone to help me clean up the river I cried please. 

I'm really sad that this show garnered so little viewers. While the drama is littered with drama land cliches (e.g birth secrets, love triangles, unconditional love, etc.) it recycles these overused snooze fests and produces an output that is so unique to itself, filled with humour and style that can only be found in the drama. The characters are pretty great, too, each with a different and distinct voice: Kim Bo Tong who wishes that the man she loves will be happy, Dokgo Ma Te who wishes to reunite with his family, David Choi who wishes to stray from his true self; each of these characters give the audience something to hope for and root for, and let's admit it, we want all of them succeed. Honestly, this show is so underrated.

The show based its whole story on the foundation of Dokgo Ma Te's (Jang Geun Suk) pretty face and charms. While this seems a very shaky premise, the show actually pulled off what many might perceive as impossible. Like I said earlier, the show incorporated many drama land cliches but turns them into plot devices that are not only effective, but entertaining. The greatest driver of the plot is undoubtedly Ma Te's and [David] Choi Joon Ha's (Lee Jang Woo) true birth identity. There was a point in the series where I genuinely thought that David Choi and Ma Te were brothers [this is one of drama land's greatest and "unexpected" cliche/plot twist: the two male leads are, in actual fact, brothers] but thank goodness the writers strayed from this path.

One of my favourite things about this series is its female lead, Kim Bo Tong (IU); a bubbly, straight-forward, shameless, faithful and happy character whose love for the male lead Ma Te has been seeded since they were in high school. She's a funny girl whose spine is straighter and harder that any of the other female leads I have seen in Korean Dramas. Bo Tong stands up for herself with integrity on many occasions and that, I believe, deserves more respect that anything in K-Drama land. Even when David Choi shoves himself and his love all over her, she straightens her back, holds up her head and declares, albeit with sorriness, that she can love no one else except her pretty oppa Dokgo Ma Te. Damn, this girl deserves salutes.

The most interesting thing about the drama, for me, was the fact that Ma Te had to seduce 10 women who will teach him things that will help him build a business. It seemed pretty outrageous when I first read about it before I watched the series, but as the show progressed,  we are shown that these women actually help Ma Te change in a way. This, I thought, was really interesting because I've never come across a story in which 10 successful women were the driving force behind the plot.

The character development for the series was done nicely, too. The greatest growth was clearly seen in Ma Te: starting the series out as a womanizer whose sole priority is money to a mature young man by the end of the series. His tragic past is the obvious creditor for his development. I didn't see much change in Bo Tong's character, but it really doesn't matter, because she was one of the people who changed Ma Te the most.

The last two episodes were absolutely heartbreaking. The end usually means angst, climax and revelation; the series had all that in all the right ways. Call me unoriginal, but that scene where Ma Te tells his birth mother, who is apparently the antagonist of the series, that he's sorry for being born just broke my heart. I'd say that the scene has the best of both worlds, both bubbly, cute fun and moody, heart-wrenching undertones.

As much as I liked the series, there are some flaws to it as well. One of the biggest was the plot line regarding the password. The password, to my understanding, is Ma Te's goal for the first 10 or so episode. He was told in the beginning that he needed the password to meet his father, and we are taken on a treasure hunt with Ma Te, Hong Yu Ra and later Na Hong Ran throughout the first half of the show. However, in the end, I didn't understand what in the world was going on when Bo Tong was revealed to be the password. I'm a little confused, but all's well because I loved the series.

The series was far from perfect, obviously, but I enjoyed the series immensely; from all of Bo Tong's comic hijinks to the crazy plot-twisting birth secret. I'm glad I invested in the show and I'll be sad leaving it behind.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

rules my ass

Warning: Profanity alert.

I just came across the above picture on twitter and the first word that flashed across my eyes was "bullshit." This blog post is by no means planned. I'm writing as thoughts come into my mind.

Everywhere on the internet, especially tumblr, we see posts and pictures that go "rules to [BLANK]." You know what? There are no fucking rules to life. Life isn't some sort of game that comes with a handbook. This shit we call life does not have guidelines, rules or any shit of that sort. We don't live by rules. That's why everything on this earth is diversified. That's why you have darned rebels, society!

You want to be happy? Tell yourself that you want to be happy, and go fucking ahead and be happy. No one can tell you to be happy. No one can tell you how to be happy or live. If YOU'RE the one that wants to be happy and you go on Google to search shit up about how to be happy, then hun, you're not ready to be happy. There's absolutely no fucking way that anyone can tell you the mechanics, the rules, the way to live/be happy/sad/succeed/etc unless you want to ok.

Rules my ass. Rules are made by people who want to condemn those around them to behave a certain way -- a certain way that THEY want because man, these people are sad people -- so that they may feel superior. Fuck those people who tell you the rules they learnt/heard about/made up, you make up your own fucking rules and follow them if you want. You tell yourself how you want to live. You're not a subordinate to ANYONE in life. There's no secret formula that involves RULES to live.

And while I'm on the topic of tumblr and bullshit, may I please just point out the stupid things people post on that social network? Sweetie, you want a guy to "kiss me till i can't breathe"? Tell the fucking guy and not the whole internet population about it. We don't need to know how you are "crying because no one cares." You know why no one cares? Because YOU don't freaking care about people as well. Instead, you're on the internet reblogging/posting/tweeting shit like that. Even if this isn't the case, gurl, we don't need to know about that. Keep it to yourself. You need a venting vessel? Get a diary. You want people to notice you? Tell people you're transgender. You need to talk to someone? Get a cat, a psychiatrist. You've got parents/siblings/friends/people around you for a reason. Talk to them, instead of stacking up angst on the internet and venting them out on innocent tumblr users who need to bear your shit because they just happen to stumble upon your post.

Wow, I probs just offended like 840923481948190 people out there who think I'm a psychopath/bitch/asshole/sad whore/low life who don't understand them/their hearts/their lives but srsly, I've been there done that, and I look back and feel so embarrassed about what I did. Truth is, you just move on.